Making you financially informed
when buying a business.


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Get an Understanding First

The purpose of this tool is to provide a quick yes/no decision filter to enable you to dig deeper or use the trash can.  

The methodology is not in the details but rather an overview of whether the business you are looking at warrants further investigation.

  • You will still need to do due diligence.
  • You will still need legal advice.
  • You will still need to investigate the market and business from a non-financial sense.
  • You will still need to have the capabilities to manage and run the business.

This product is about the numbers.  Numbers sufficient enough for you to make an informed decision quickly and easily.  There is no need to be exact, estimates are fine, obviously the more precise the better.

This process disregards all formal valuation methodologies.  It merely says that if I pay an amount for this business and I borrow a certain amount to fund it - what are the financial implications.

Based on that you'll know what Price you will be comfortable paying (and negotiate from), what level of sales you need to achieve success and what will be your estimated profit and cashflow outcomes over the next ten years.  

You also can play with the numbers to reflect options or scenarios for varying courses of action.

So good luck with your business search.  Click the "TAKE A TOUR" to get a quick understanding of how to get up and going quickly.  It won't take you long to see the results of your acquisition.