Making you financially informed
when buying a business.


About Us

We're all about getting great results from little effort. Without compromising the quality of the outcome. To be able to make decision faster, to create your ability to interrogate the numbers and raise questions.
Business is about thinking and finding solutions to push your business further. We began to question the benefit of devoting lots of time to get the numbers right. It's always that last 10% that takes up more time than the previous 90%. And to what end?
Does it make the decision making any more precise? If your profit for the year is $100,000 does it really matter if you’re out by $10,000, will that effect the way you perceive your business? We say no. There is a trade-off. And that trade-off is time and cost and a delay to making decisions. To get things precise requires more resources and effort and at the end of the day will it affect your management decisions? That's what we're about.