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Making you financially informed
when buying a business.


We all know the results of making poor decisions when buying a business.
It could be costly, shorten your odds and give yourself peace of mind by knowing the financial outcomes of your first or next business venture.


"We've spent countless hours researching new businesses only to find they didn't stack up financially".

Buying a business is a big step.

We've been there, we've turned the tables and created a simple financial tool, a decision filter, that will determine whether "what's on the table" is worthwhile persuing. It's our Buy a Business modelling tool that will provide you with forecast trading results, forecast cash flow and even a business pricing system that shows you at what price your model works. All in one easy to use system that will give you immediate results.

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Step 1Summarise the offer and trading results

You’ve shown interest. Now it’s time to get the details. What price are they asking? How much can you contribute? How much to borrow?. Collect the financial statements and review their sell offer.

Step 2Enter the 21 Variables

Review, summarise and extract the numbers we need to get started. You don’t have to be precise to make a decision at this level. Simply enter the numbers; purchase price, funding amounts, sales and summary expenses. Your buyabiz system will do the rest.

Step 3View and Critique the results

Your data will instantly produce results. Your Profit and Loss forecast, Cashflow Forecast and results summary will reflect how the business will perform. Flex your results by altering margins, sales, expenses and other variables. Target your required cashflow through purchase price, sales, margins and expenses. Deliver your expected performance.

Step 4Reject or Negotiate

You now know the potential trading performance of the business. You’ve now done some scenario analysis. You now know the impact of the price you’re paying and you now know the price at which the business succeeds or not. Very quickly you will know the impact of proceeding. Negotiate knowing what price works for you or quickly reject the proposition and move on to the next opportunity.

Logo There is nothing quite like buying your first business. That tingling sensations that comes from uncertainty, even fear and the unknown. Will it perform?a, what price to pay? What are the risks? All these emotions cloud the process moving forward.
Logo This next decision could be one of the biggest in your life. You may even have a few option to look at and not quite sure where to start.
Logo Wouldn't it be good to take that uncertainty away by simply using a system that will easily crunch the numbers for you. Also giving you the flexibility to know the effects of various options or changes in parameters that you have in mind.
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Creating a great decision filter to either reject the business you're considering or to move down the road
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